At the crossroads

Coney Island by Alexa

Time is slipping through my fingers. It is soon time to leave New York and the decisions of what to make of the future are like a constant and distracting humming in the back of my head. As from two weeks what to come is a void of uncertainty and I have strings pulling me in all sorts of directions. In a way I love finding myself at these crossroads. They are defining moments. A point in time when it becomes apparent that you choose a path and decide in which direction to walk. Of course every step of the way along that path will also be a choice even if we tend to forget. So for a short while I awaken to the fact that the choice I make will define the life I am to lead from here on. And that it terrifying.

In need for guidance I have spent the weekend with Alexa. As my sorcerous she has helped me look for answers at the bottom of the wineglass and for peace amidst the madness of Coney Island. And in her wisdom she would of course never tell me where to go but simply packs my bags. She gives me hapiness as a compass and honesty as my guidebook and says- “If you know to follow these, whereever you go will be the exact right place to be”.


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